Orioles Nostalgia: The 2nd longest HR at Memorial Stadium? With video

June 15, 2009 |


I know that Frank Robinson was the only player to hit a Home Run completely out of Memorial Stadium, but when I was a kid I someone come within inches of being the second player to do it.


April 25th, 1985 – Eddie Murray digs in against Indians righty Jose Roman and blasts the ball up over the right field foul pole. It was so high that it went over the small corner of the upper deck which came out just past the foul pole. As the ball carried it kept hooking and hooking as it came down toward the back of the bleachers.


At the top of the bleachers there was a metal railing which consisted of posts every 5 feet or so, and two metal bars, one at the top and one in the middle. The space between the bars was open.


I was sitting behind the Orioles dugout but I followed that ball the whole way as it went soaring into the night and watched it hit the middle bar at the back of the bleachers. If Murray had hit the ball 4 inches further it would have cleared the bar or if he would have hit it 4 inches shorter it would have went below the bar and out of the stadium all together.


I have never been able to speak to anyone in order to get confirmation of what I saw. After all I was only 11 and this memory is now 24 years old. Also, Eddie Murray is by far my favorite player of all-time so could my memory be clouded…?


Well, after all of these years I was able to find the footage from that memorable night. The night that Eddie Murray may have hit the 2nd longest Home Run in Memorial Stadium that no one talks about.


Did anyone else see it or can you think of one that went farther?