Orioles offer Vlad a contract…..typical

January 30, 2011 |

The Orioles have offered Vladimir Guerrero a one year deal for 5 million dollars and it looks like he will likely sign with the Orioles.  The Orioles would use Guerrero primarily in the designated hitter role, Vlad has become less and less effective in the outfield as the years have went on.   Let’s face it this deal is Mcphail’s and Peter’s way of making up for the fact that they could not get guys like Adam Dunn and Carlos Pena, both younger power hitters who are in the prime of their careers.  Instead the Orioles seek temporary solutions by signing aging veterans like Derek Lee and Mark Reynolds.  Sure Reynolds, Lee, and Vlad will give the Orioles a boost in power and having them will certainly make the O’s more competitive and exciting to watch. Will the Orioles be able to compete in the Al East this year, I think they can but the problem i have with these signings has nothing to do with the Orioles competing this year.  What is Andy Mcphail or whoever the gm is next year going to do when guys like Vlad, Lee and Hardy leave.  The answer is nothing we will be back to what the Orioles have been for the past decade a team with some potential that is lacking a few key pieces.  Andy I am all for the grow the arms buy the bats philosophy but when you buy the bats buy guys that you can keep here for awhile not aging veterans that stay here for a year.  I am very excited for the Orioles this season and believe they will be more competitive then they have in awhile , but its the 2012 Orioles im worried about.