Orioles’ recent success has more to do with Lady Luck than Buck…

August 10, 2010 |

Greeting and Salutations Blog World.

The Orioles have won 6 out of their last 7 games under Buck Showalter. Every sports reporter, fan and their mom attributes the recent winning formula to new found hustle, attention to detail and fear of losing their jobs instilled by the new manager. All valid points and probably have to do with some part of the Orioles success, but can a switch be turned on that quickly in professional sports or any profession in life??? I think not. The O’s players may have gotten a quick jolt of 7 game energy drink. They will come back down “without the crash.” It is illogical for one person to step into any situation and change the entire mentality of any number of men in a short period of time.  Buck stepped in to situation that lent itself to a few easy wins early. The Orioles had just come off a road trip with a day off, before they were going to begin their home stand. The Orioles also had the lowly Angels coming to town, who’s bats were just as cold if not more cold than the Orioles. The O’s have gotten back Felix Pie and Brian Roberts, with the most important addition being the latter. With a bona fide lead off man, the impact has trickled down somewhat through the rest of the lineup…except for Josh Bell, who couldn’t hit an off speed pitch to save his life at this point in his career. The Orioles were able to pound enough runs against the Angels struggling pitching staff to overcome their consistent problem…Their Bullpen.

1 sound win and 2 shaky wins later, the smoking hot Whitesox came to town. For whatever reason…maybe law of averages, The White Sox bats cooled off once entering Camden Yards and their fielding went down the drain as well. I mean honestly, can a team really continue at the pace the White Sox were on since the All Star Break. They were due for a let down. Passed balls, throwing to the incorrect base to start double plays…This is how the White Sox allowed the O’s to eek out  each run. With runners in scoring position against the  White Sox, the Orioles were not able to cash in with multiple men on base with less than 2 outs.  The Orioles Bullpen continued to blow 1 or 2 run leads. With the Orioles getting the last at-bat each night, some late inning heroics later allowed the Orioles take another series.

Before everyone crowns Buck as being the savior of this franchise and credits him for the recent success…The Orioles look like the same Orioles as before…horrible base running, lack of timely hitting and a horrible bullpen. They just happen to catch numerous breaks this past 7 game home stretch. With the O’s going on the road, I would imagine their luck will run out and we will see the 2010 Orioles once again. Buck Showalter’s stamp will not get put on this team till the off season.  For now enjoy the wins as few and far as they come…This is still Tremley/Samuel/Macphail’s squad.

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 Second base umpire Brian O'Nora, left, calls the Orioles' Luke Scott, center, out after he was tagged by White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez while trying to stretch a single into a double in the fourth inning. The host Orioles won, 3-2.