Orioles, Red Sox: Your weekend previews and predictions

April 17, 2009 |

The Orioles are coming off a tough loss in Arlington Wednesday night and looking to regroup after Thursday’s off day.  They’re going to need to give up less than half the runs they surrendered in Wednesday’s 19-6 romp if they hope to win their fourth consecutive series of the year as they take on the Red Sox in Boston.  Improved pitching is obviously the Birds’ key to success. 

Let’s take a look at this weekend’s matchups.

Friday, 7:10 pm:  Jeremy Guthrie vs. Brad Penny

Guthrie looked rough in the WBC, but he is now 2-0 with a 2.25 ERA in his first two starts.  Brad Penny was added to the Boston staff this off-season via free agency.  Penny has made a few All-Star games, but Jason Veritek consistently makes All-Star games and he’s not very good, so who cares about Penny’s All-Star games, anyway?

Bold Prediction:  O’s 4. Sox 3

Saturday, 7:10pm: Adam Eaton vs. Josh Beckett

Coincidentally, Adam Eaton is pitching while I’ll be in Fenway for the first time.  Thanks a lot, Dave Trembley.  If Josh Bechett’s suspension is put on hold, look for his stuff to easily outmatch Eaton’s.  If Beckett’s suspension begins this weekend, look for someone else’s stuff to easily outmatch Eaton’s.

Bold Prediction:  O’s 5, Sox 12

Sunday, 1:35pm: Koji Uehara vs. Jon Lester

Uehara is 2-0, but his ERA is 7.20.  He’s had an awful lot of run support.  Lester is an O’s killer, but he’s off to a 0-2 start with a 9.0 ERA.  I’m guessing he doesn’t figure it out by Sunday and the O’s retooled O’s lineup stays hot enough to take the game.  Yes, I know it is a Sunday, but it’s not the last game of the series.  I’m guessing Koji puts on his best performance to date in front of a packed crowd. 

Bold Prediction:  O’s 7, Sox 6
Note:  I originally had O’s 7, Sox 4. Then I remembered George Sherrill.  Let’s say 7-4 through 8 innings, 7-6 after the 27th out. 

Monday, 11:05am: TBD

You read that correctly.  Monday’s contest begins at 11 in the morning.  It’s the annual brunch contest in Boston scheduled to coincide with the Boston Marathon.  I don’t know what a baseball game has to tdo with the marathon, but ok.  It’s pretty cool that The Birds are playing in the only AM game of the MLB season.  The O’s have yet to announce a starter.  I have my suspicions, but we’ll see what the club does. 

Bold Prediction:  A really fast guy will complete 26.2 miles in an hour less than it takes to play an average baseball game.  Craziness.

Look for a review of Fenway as soon as I can get it up.  Do any O’s fans have “must see” attractions in or around the park?

Meanwhile, let’s see how these predictions pan out.  I’m only confident in Monday’s.  Feel free to weigh in with your own predictions, bold or otherwise. And since it’s still April, let’s root for an Adam Eaton shut out Saturday night.