Orioles report card part 2

July 11, 2008 | Keith Melchior

Picking up where I left off Tuesday, here is my assessment of the pitching staff and manager. A few edits as of 930am on 7/11

Jim Johnson….. B+ does the job when called upon even though he has 3 losses and a low K to BB ratio

Lance Cormier…. B.. hasn’t pitched that much but has a low K to BB ratio as well

Chad Bradford…  B+  still a stalwart in late innings

Dennis Sarfate… C  almost a BB per inning pitched 

Jeremy Guthrie… B-  respectable numbers even though he hasn’t gotten much run support..only 5 wins in 19 starts plus 15 HR allowed are not good

George Sherrill…. A-  other than a few recent meltdowns he has been stellar as a closer. I don’t recall any Orioles’ closer with 27 saves at this point in a season (maybe Randy Myers)

Daniel Cabrera… C… his numbers are better than last year but this guy is an enigma..I just looked at his stats  61 runs given up in 124 innings and they are ALL earned..he has allowed 182 baserunners an avg of almost 1.5 per INNING..no wonder his era is 4.40. As he gets older his upside looks a bit upsidedown.

Garrett Olson…C.. looks good, looks bad, looks good, looks bad ..104 baserunners allowed in 70 innings hurts him

Brian Burres…C.. although he is tied for the team lead with 6 wins he allows too many baserunners

Radhames Liz… C… up and down…if he can throw strikes he is effective.. he has to keep batters off the bases

Jamie Walker… F.. As good as he was last year I can’t believe he is as bad as he is this year.

Adam Loewen ….F… pitched , hurt, on DL, hurt again… did they rush him back? I didn’t hear of any minor league rehab starts. Like Cabrera, maybe he is not what they thought he’d be.

Pitching staff as a whole…. C.. The starters HAVE to pitch into the 7th inning at least to allow the bullpen to rest up or the season will be over after the weekend series in Boston No more quality start = 6 innings with this team.  The Oriole starters have averaged about 5 2/3 innings per game this season… Strikeout to walk ratio is miserable. They have to keep the bases clear or it’s going to be a long, long empty 2nd half at OPACY

Dave Trembley… B-  To be at .500 in July is a stepping stone for this club, but as the dogs days loom and trade talks on the horizon, he’s done a decent job with a team that was destined to lose 100 games. He is still learning how to handle his young pitchers but it is up to them to help build Trembley’s confidence and trust in them during the second half.

Overall the Orioles have far exceeded my expectations and I give them a C+.  They look great in some games and lethargic in others. As long as there are no 30-3 games or 4-32 finishes, I think they’re on the right track to keep people generally interested in baseball until October 1st.