Orioles report card

July 09, 2008 | Keith Melchior

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend. Traditionally, the 4th of July has been looked upon as the  halfway point of the MLB season even though most teams have played more than 81 games.

I thought I’d share my version of the Orioles report card for the 1st semester. Here are the position players. I’ll do the pitchers and manager Thursday.

Nich Markakis… B+ remains solid in the field and at the plate

Brian Roberts…B+ the catalyst.. he’ll probably pass 50 doubles again this season, but will he be here a month from now?

Adam Jones… B+  having his ups and downs as he continues to learn the game.. Could be a good one for a long time as long as they want to pay him.

Aubrey Huff… B  only because we’re a horsesh*t town

Luke Scott… B  sure glad he’s playing more and more these days

Kevin Millar… B- comes thru when least expected sometimes

Ramon Hernandez… C-  miserable start coupled with his lack of ability to throw runners out.. he is getting a tad bit better as it gets warmer

Melvin Mora… C  he’s a shadow of the player who hit over .300 and got the big contract with the no-trade clause. Continues to make too many boneheaded baserunning mistakes

Jay Payton.. B  does what a utility player is supposed to with a few spurts here and there

Insert SS here..Hernandez, Fahey, Bynum, Cintron, Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Larry, Moe, Curly… F  Do you miss Miguel Tejada? I do. Trembley needs to pick a guy and stick with him instead of marching a platoon system out there. We’ve gone through more shortstops this season than Amy Winehouse goes thru rehab.

Agree or disagree? Please share your comments and check back Thursday night for the pitchers and manager portion of my 1st semester Orioles’ report card.