Orioles Should Retire #15

February 04, 2009 |

Upon reading Peter Schmuck’s interview with Kevin Millar in The Baltimore Sun and receiving my WNST text yesterday informing me of the signing of Ty Wigginton, officially sums up the fact that Millar will not be in uniform come April.

This is a sad day for me.

BJ Appel’s Favorite Orioles since ’06:

3. Adam Jones

2. B Rob

1. KevLar

(Also receiving votes: Rodrigo Lopez, Howie Clark, Javy Lopez, LaTroy Hawkins, Fernando Tatis, and Jeff Fiorentino)

I don’t care if Ty Pennington’s…er Wigginton’s…stats measure up to “KevLar”. For the past three seasons, I watched every Oriole game – not only because I’m in love with the team but I knew #15 would put on a show.

Millar bridged the 3-95 nest, incorporating just a little somethin’ somethin’ each year on Opening Day…


I remember sitting in the left field box seats during the 2007 season opener when I spotted Millar doing the Ray Ray Shuffle. It was hilarious. My friends and I think that the Orioles sometimes forget that there’s a significant NFL team right next door – Millar acknowledged the obvious.

Now, someone in the orange and black needs to step up. Someway. Somehow. (Take note Ty Wigg)

There was a passion, energy, and fun love for the game with Millar. Granted, I’m so thankful to have guys like Brian Roberts, Jeremy Guthrie, Adam Jones, and Chris Ray to cheer for  but you ALWAYS knew that #15 was good for a ‘pee-your-pants’ kinda laugh, even in the midst of cellar dweller season.

I read this morning that Toronto is offering him a minor league deal. Fiddle sticks. What are you thinking Andy MacPhail? Millar was quoted to taking a pay cat, coming off the bench, and overall being a leader in the clubhouse! I understand that the bench is getting crowded with the signing of Wiggs, Huff,  Scott, and Chris Gomez…geez, where’s Tim Hullet, Rene Gonzalez, and might as well bring back Fahey, too! The team needs a leader in the clubhouse. Millar was the veteran leader. We all love B-Rob, and know that he wants to play a meaningful game – elsewhere.

I’m really going to miss Millar. I’m holding back the tears.

I love some KevLar.

Here’s yet another reason why Millar will be missed…