Orioles standout?

April 11, 2009 |

The most impressive player that I’ve seen so far isn’t the obvious answer like Markakis or Mora, but I’m surprised to say it’s Danys Baez.  With what happened in 2007, I never thought those words would be uttered by me.  I used to always cringe when I would see him warming up in the bullpen.  In the 2 appearances he’s pitched so far, he has 3.2 innings, 5 strikeouts, 0 walks and a 0.00 ERA.  He has looked controlled, poised and commanding.  In 2007, he pitched 50+ innings and his record was 0-6 with a 6.44 ERA.  He had struggled to keep batters off the bases and to keep us in the game.  He comes into this year after missing all of last year with Tommy John surgery.  

He had started spring training with the hopes of winning a spot on the starting rotation.  When Trembley told Baez that he wasn’t going to use him in a starting role, he was very disappointed.   I’m sure Baez felt he gave them the best he had to offer and now he’s trying to prove to the Orioles’ staff that their decision was wrong.  It is still early, and I’m not saying that I think he deserves a starting role— he has yet to prove that he could pitch effectively beyond 2 innings.  But, on a positive note, I am no longer cringing when he warms up in the bullpen.