Orioles website pins Pittsburgh loss on 5th inning error …..

June 23, 2011 |

I am not usually known for critiquing the writing or reporting skills of others. Such a personal standard applies to my treatment of WNST brethren, as well as those reporting for other outlets.

I suppose it’s just a stylistic habit; I generally think in terms of describing my own views and opinions, as opposed to countering similarly based content of others. Once again, it’s just me …..

But, in yesterday’s Orioles loss in Pittsburgh, I found the lead article at Orioles.com to be salaciously inaccurate, and it pandered to the nearsightedness of wanting to pin blame on a single player.

The title of the article read, “Davis Costs O’s In Big league Debut” ….. (FIND ARTICLE HERE)

Naturally, I took exception to the title, itself. A mere glance at it gave me the impression yesterday’s loss was being pinned on the single actions of a rookie infielder, who was making his big league debut.

When I started reading the article, which was penned by Laura Myers, I encountered this paragraph near the very top:

“The crucial play came in the fifth inning, when a two-out ground ball from Josh Harrison skipped through the legs of second baseman Blake Davis, who was making his Major League debut. Two runs scored on the error, and the Pirates took a 5-4 lead, which they never relinquished as they beat the Orioles and won the three-game series at PNC Park.”


Yesterday’s loss hinged on ONE PLAY by a kid who made a blatant error in the 5th inning? No doubt, it was a frustrating situation and the miscue handed Pittsburgh the lead.

But, lets be clear about one thing …..

The Orioles lost yesterday’s game, because they failed to score a single run in the final five innings – while realizing the pressure of needing to manufacture one runner across the plate was vital to tying it up.

This lineup had 12 outs to get it done and they failed to do it.

That’s why the Orioles lost yesterday’s game. The inability to capitalize offensively, when needed most, was the telling factor in dropping the series finale’.

The game NEVER hinged on a 5th inning blunder by anyone. That’s just a convenient excuse, nothing more, nothing less.

This is not some underlying defense of Blake Davis, either. True, he was playing out position – he’s not a second baseman. But, he’s got to make that play …. period.

The miscue by Davis was representative of how errors can cost a team; 4 outs per inning, will eventually have an impact. And, it did yesterday afternoon.

But, the Orioles had 12 turns at the plate after that play. They needed to score ONE to tie and TWO to recapture the lead and they failed to do so.

That’s why they lost.