Orlando buzzing about Tiger’s March return

February 16, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Word on the streets of Orlando is that Tiger Woods is about to make public his plans for returning to the world of golf.

Although the world’s #1 player hasn’t yet said anything publicly, folks attached to the professional golf community both in Orlando and on the PGA Tour say Tiger is going to make his first PUBLIC appearance at an event in Orlando called The Tavistock Cup, played March 22-23.  The event – while sanctioned by the PGA Tour – is a “closed shop” in terms of media coverage and is run by a committee representing the 2-day tournament and isn’t under the umbrella of the TOUR in terms of credentials, marketing, etc.   The only media covering the event are those authorized by the tournament committee.  It is aired on The Golf Channel and broadcast to over 90 million homes worldwide.

Anyone with a ticket to the Tavistock Cup must obtain that ticket from a player participating in the tournament or from the tournament committee, so this will greatly reduce the chances of an unruly gallery making life uncomfortable for Woods in his return to the game.

That tournament would come at a good time for Tiger, as most everyone in the golf community thinks he will stay in Orlando and play his first “official” PGA TOUR event of the year later that next week at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Course.

Woods can stay on the premises of Bay Hill, wouldn’t have to leave the property at all during his time there, and Palmer would take extra precautions to make sure security was tight and that Woods is given every opportunity to compete “on a level playing field” with the rest of the players.

Assuming all is normal (relatively speaking) when he returns and plays a tournament or two to get the kinks out, Woods will tee it up at Augusta National and attempt to win his 5th Masters tournament in early April.

So word is finally starting to leak out…Tiger is plotting his 2010 debut and it will apparently be much like a “home game” or two for him – starting with The Tavistock Cup in Orlando and then going full-steam into an official PGA TOUR event in late March at Bay Hill.