O’s ’08 Slogan- Fighting Ungers Style

March 20, 2008 |

The phrase “Orioles Magic” is as much a part of Baltimore’s cultural lexicon as “hon” or “goin’ down de ocean”.

or think of 1989 and the phrase “Why Not?”

1991 was called “A Season to Remember”.

There’s  been “Come to Birdland”, “These Kids Come to Play” and, in 1994, “Be Part of the Dream.” 

Now, as we look forward to opening day in ’08 and a team of mostly young kids trying to prove that they belong in the Big Leagues, it’s time to think about a slogan for the season. 

Both Andrew and I are excited about the changes being made and believe that, finally, Angelos has found a guy in Andy MacPhail who will bring competitive baseball back to Baltimore… eventually.  But not this year. 

So here are some potential slogans for the year…

Orioles ’08-

“We’re better than the Royals”

“Thank God for Markakis”

“2011- Here We Come!”

“Because DC is a little too far away”

“Fighting to Finish Fourth”

“How Low Can You Go?”

If you have an idea for a slogan post it here and, on Saturday, Andrew and I will take the best ones and use them as the names of the horses in our weekly race. 

If you don’t know about the Fighting Ungers horse race, tune in on Saturday morning to find out what it is.  And a special thanks to one of our listeners (yes, we DO have a couple of fans) Brian S. for coming up with this theme for the race.