O’s and Nats on a Sunday (things I’m thinking about…)

May 24, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The O’s and Nats are doing battle this afternoon in DC in the finale of the “Weekend Thriller” in our nation’s capital.  

As I watch the game and channel surf in between Rob Dibble complaining about every ball that looks like it could be called a strike, here are the things that come to my mind.

> It just dawned on me.  WNST still hasn’t received a “thank you” card from the O’s for our continued push to have “BALTIMORE” placed on the team’s road jersey.  When will the club finally give in and offer us their gratitude for making it happen?

> The temperatures must be soaring field-side.  Amber Theoharris said, “It’s one-nothing O’s heading to the bottom of the 2nd.”  At that point, I was still paying attention and I didn’t remember anyone scoring.  I checked the score bug at the top of the screen and sure enough, it was 0-0.  What game was A.T. watching?

> Washington’s team is definitely worse than Baltimore’s.  I know that’s not saying much, but the Nats REALLY stink.  I’d say, on the stink meter, the O’s “basically stink”.  Washington REALLY stinks. 

> Brad Bergesen just got a hit.  If you’re a pitcher worth your salt and you give up a hit to another pitcher, there should be some kind of team fine.  By the way, Derek Lowe singled in a run last night in his 6th win of the year.  But who wants him?  He’s EXPENSIVE.  Then again, so is fine china.  Wake me up when an O’s pitcher reaches the 6-win mark.  And if it’s the night before 4th of July, don’t wake me, I have an early tee time on the 4th.

> Someone might take Wigginton at the trade deadline.  Someone will definitely take Huff at the deadline.  If I ran the O’s, I’d find out if anyone will take Guthrie at the deadline.  If I ran the O’s, I’d find out if anyone will take Pie this afternoon.

> The O’s will see Roy Halladay on Wednesday afternoon at Camden Yards.  And you thought you might go all season and not see an outstanding starting pitcher on the mound at OPACY.