O’s Fading Fast

August 27, 2010 |

Following the Orioles’ 8-1 start under new skipper Buck Showalter, many Orioles fans put their orange tinted glasses back on and anointed Showalter their savior.

How quickly things change.

Since that great start, Baltimore has come plummeting back to earth, winning just five-of-fourteen games, putting their record under Showalter at 13-10.

Regardless of who the manager is, the fact remains that the Orioles are still an inexperienced, overmatched baseball club on most nights.

Their offense seems to struggle more often than not, whether it’s Edwin or LaToya Jackson on the mound.

Their starting pitching is wildly inconsistent. Some nights looking like Cy Young, other nights resembling Burt Young.

While hopes still remain high for next season, how high can they be?

Without the addition of multiple impact players, we will see a team that improves, but also a team that spends the majority of the 2011 season in the cellar.

The pressure will be on Andy MacPhail to ink a couple of big time players over the offseason.

Fans were given a vague timeline as to when they would see major improvement from their beloved Orioles, and I think those fans and the O’s brass tentatively agreed upon 2011 being that season.

The core is in place, the Calvary is here, and now it’s time to complete the puzzle.

Oh, and call up Zach Britton.

Why is Kevin Millwood still wearing an Oriole uniform?