O’s Bobble Give-Away

June 30, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

In yet another brilliant move by the Orioles PR department, tonight’s Matt Wieters bobble-head give away is for the first 25,000 fans that show up. Oh, wait it’s only for the first 25,000 fans that are 15 and over!?!
Are you kidding me? I get the floppy hat promotion being for fans 21 and over, since it’s sponsored by Miller Lite. But I don’t see why a bobble-head has a minimum age attached to it.
First of all, do they seriously think there will be 25,000 fans there, total? Let alone that many over the age of 15?
The Orioles are pathetic and are playing the Oakland A’s on a Wednesday night.
OK, it’s supposed to be a nice night tonight, but since they jacked up the walk-up price, they won’t get the added fans they might have normally gotten.
Maybe, some people will come out just to get the bobble-head, but will that equal 25,000? I would seriously doubt it.
This is probably the only game I will go to this season. Not because I can’t afford it, but because that is my form of protesting the state of the team.
My son begs me to go to Orioles games every year, and every year I cave, ONCE. I desperately want to be able to take him to games on regular basis. I used to love going to games when I was his age.
However, until I feel they deserve my hard earned money, it won’t happen. In fact, the tickets I have for tonight were free, so the only money they will make from me is on concessions.
We saw the ad for the Wieters bobble-head and he asked if we could go to that game. I said OK. If it said in the ad for fans 15 and older, I missed it. Maybe it did, may be it didn’t. That’s not the point.
The point is, they are trying to make Wieters the face of the franchise. This should be an across the board give away. It is sponsored by AT&T not Miller Lite. So really, what is the justification for making it 15+?
Someone said to me, maybe they are trying to keep people from bringing seven or eight kids and getting them. Why does it matter? Because they will end up on eBay? Again, so what?
Once you hand them out, they belong to the person that receives them and they can do whatever they want with them.
For a team that should be bending over backwards to get fans in the seats, this makes no sense to me.
I know they make money from MASN so they don’t care that the vast majority of seats go empty for every game (except when the Yankees and Red Sox are in town) but they need to do something to draw fans back to OPACY.
If you open it up to everyone, that’s possibly more people in the seats and more money that will be spent at the park.
Since my son is only 7, he won’t be able to get one.  I told him last night and he was really upset about it. Of course, I’ll give him mine but he should be getting one of his own.
It’s things like this that keep me away.