O’s Comment Box: .714 with a 6.14

April 14, 2009 |

George Sherrill is one fortunate SOB.  The catch by Markakis and failure by Kinsler to get over to third prevented Sherrill’s ERA from ballooning to double digits.  It also kept his L and BS columns vacant- for now.  You can only play with fire for so long, though. 


The Orioles are playing .714 baseball, and will send Alfredo Simon to the hill tonight with an opportunity to win their third consecutive series.  Two of their starters already have two wins each, just seven games into the season.  Good you say.  I suppose, but their team ERA is 6.14 AND one of their wins was a shutout.  In games where they don’t shut teams out, their ERA is 7.17.  I’m no genius, but something tells me that over the course of the season, those numbers are going to catch up with them. 


Danys Baez sure came crashing back to earth last night. 


Seeing Felix Pie hit his first HR in an O’s uniform didn’t do much for me.  Maybe it was the all out sprint around the bases that turned me off, but the guy just doesn’t strike me as a keeper.  If he can keep up the .278 average and play a solid left field, he can probably change my mind, but I’d still rather see Montanez out there, or Reimold for that matter.  I guess my real problem, though, is that he is costing Wigginton AB’s.  Although, at this point I guess you could say it’s Scott that’s costing him.


I saw Matt Wieters had a two hit game last night.  Hopefully he’ll get in a groove and force the Orioles’ hand a little.  To this point, I’ll give Zaun a C.  Getting doubled up at second the other night dropped him a full letter grade.  He does a good job of keeping balls in front of him- yet another reason George Sherrill should be writing thank you notes today- but I think his arm is suspect and his .167 average just doesn’t cut it.


All things considered, I could do without Gary Thorne.  I’d like to hear Hunter with Palmer.  Sometimes I wonder if Thorne is even really watching the game.  It’s too early in the season for him to throw that batting average with RISP stat out every time somebody gets to second base, so for the time being he really doesn’t have much to offer.  It’s nothing personal.  He just sounds better doing hockey or something.


I expect Simon to give the bullpen a little breather tonight.  O’s win 6-3.