O’s: Firm Five? Not quite

February 21, 2010 |

Firm five?

If I’m Dave Trembley there may be a firm ONE.  Kevin Millwood.

I guess Guthrie got paid, so he’s your number two.

But if you want to walk into camp and declare that Bergesen, Matusz , and Tillman are 3,4,5, then what are you saying to guys like Arietta? Patton?  Britton?

This time last year we had Guthrie and Koji.  Now we have five?

I’ll never get the concept of needing certainty in February. 

What if Tillman starts hitting the backstop like Charlie Sheen?  What if Matusz sleeps with Dorn’s wife?  What if Luke Scott needs a live chicken to hit home runs? 

The necessity of a set rotation and lineup is, well, unnecessary.

I say this every year, but a team that fails to bring their best 25 north come April doesn’t plan on competing.

Rotation spots 3,4,5 need to be open competition. 

Left field, yes, position 7, needs to be open competition. 

This is beginning to stink of another mail-in effort by the Orioles leadership.  Should we be led to believe that this is it?

As configured, this is the team we plan on playing baseball with this year? 

Get real.

 Here’s Zreibec’s piece :  http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bal-sp.orioles21feb21,0,1645538.story