O’s get ‘Sneaky’ win; looking sharp at 8-21

May 07, 2010 |

I have no idea if Dave Trembley or Andy MacPhail were Boy Scouts.  A couple of quick Google searches yielded me no definitive results, but I really don’t need either to have been one to make my point. 

At four plus weeks into the 2010 campaign, it’s obvious that preparedness was left off the Orioles’ agenda sheet, evidenced largely by their 8-21 record, but more obviously by their general indifference.

The fact that their best young pitcher basically called them out by saying that he never got a chance to get settled at home in Baltimore this season due to the schedule speaks volumes.

If you missed it, Brian Matusz told the Baltimore Sun last week that he couldn’t believe it was already his fourth start and he felt as if he hadn’t even unpacked his bags in Baltimore. (Paraphrasing, of course).

Matusz wasn’t lying.  If you have spare time, look at my past blog entry regarding my doubts about this organization’s leadership.

If you don’t have spare time, make some.

Seriously, this team played their last Grapefruit League game on a Saturday, jerked off on a Sunday, drove two hours on a Monday, and played ‘ball’ on a Tuesday night.  

If their opener was in, say, Cleveland on April 6, would they have flown straight there from Sarasota that Saturday night?  No way.  

They would have come home, unpacked their stuff, Roberts would have held Chapel on Sunday morning, they would have taken fungoes afterward, hit Bay Café, gotten a piece, slept it off, boarded a plane.

Why they thought staying down there made sense is as sensible as 8-21.

Flash forward to tonight. BIG shutout.

I took full advantage of the DVR that I overpay for tonight when Mike Flanagan made a comment in the fourth inning.  The gist of it was that in his pregame press conference Dave Trembley said that maybe since the Twins just came off a series with their ‘rivals’ (the Tigers) that the Orioles might be able to ‘sneak’ a couple.

Is that where this franchise has actually landed? ‘Sneaking’ a couple against the Twins?  How’s that for leadership? 

I wouldn’t play high school ball for this guy.  My team actually WON the MSA (yes MSA) C Conference…talk about stiff competition, boy. And my coach taught History.

I bet Adam Jones wouldn’t know what to do at a parade.

I’m officially pissed off.  And they won tonight. 

When a big league manager thinks that he can ’sneak’ a win in MAY, he’s probably not qualified for the job.

When the GM of the same team doesn’t bring his guys home to unpack their golf clubs after seven weeks in Florida, and then calls out his hitters, he’s probably not qualified for the job.

When the $4.5 Million per YEAR first baseman can’t decide if he should run out a ball due its probability of going foul, he’s probably not qualified for the job.  And stop with the squinting, Garrett.

8 and 21.  Get out of here with this nonsense.