O’s Hangout regular offers a challenge

March 03, 2009 | Drew Forrester

After a day of banter and chirping with the fine folks at Orioles Hangout, one of their members has come out of the woodwork with an offer. 

He wants to interview ME.

His name is Steve Harrell.  

That was my only stipulation.  He had to provide his real name and not hide behind the keyboard nickname that disguises his identity.

Anyone can write a bunch of garbage under their screen name and never be held accountable for it.  

Steve Harrell accepted that part of the deal and I accepted his offer.

We’ll get together either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon and I’ve given him “carte blanche” to ask me anything he wants.  

His most challenging line to me was, “Let’s see how you like being grilled”.

I think I’ll survive, but it should be fun.

I’ll post the interview here at WNST.net.  Steve will ask the questions and, for all intents and purposes, “write” my answers and the interview.  All I’ll do is cut and paste it and put it up on WNST.net for you all to check out.

I need to get some propane for the grill.

Other than that, I’m ready to go.