O’s owe the media a post-season “state of the team”

October 06, 2009 | Drew Forrester

When’s the Orioles post-season press conference?  You know, just like the one the Ravens have every January where Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh field legitimate, hard questions from the media. 

I’ll ask again:  When will the Orioles brass meet with the media this week to take any questions we all might have on what transpired in 2009 and what lies ahead?

And no, I do NOT count Andy MacPhail spoon feeding the people at 105.7 and MASN Sports as a “press conference”.

The Ravens don’t do it that way.

They let the media get together for one giant inquiry-session where we all get to ask whatever we want and they do their best to answer it or, at the very least, dance around the question long enough to let us know it was a really good, hard question.

And the Ravens invite EVERY member of the media to their year-ender…even their critics…even, yes, that guy over on N. Calvert Street.

The Orioles are obligated (yes, you read it right: obligated) to host one of these kinds of gatherings sometime this week to give the media the opportunity to represent the fans and ask the questions that deserve answers.

You remember the fans, right?  They’re the folks (me, you, and anyone else with cable TV in the market) subsidizing the franchise and making it possible for Andy to pull down his $750k or whatever it is he earns. 

I happen to have the luxury of pulling off the trifecta:  I have cable TV, which makes me a small shareholder in the organization since I shell out $2.65 a month for MASN without actually asking for it, I’m a fan of the team…and a member of the media. 

So, I’d like answers.  Answers to some questions I have.

And, with all due respect to guys like Roch Kubatko, Steve Melewski and the hard working journalists over Orioles Hangout, I don’t consider the cut-and-paste quotes from Andy that they’re handed to be exactly how I want to garner my information on the team.

I’d like to have the opportunity to ask Andy MacPhail — and some designate from Orioles ownership — a few questions about the baseball franchise my mom and dad helped underwrite for 25 years or so in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

I’m sure others in the media would like the same opportunity.  And please…please…some hastily arranged conference call isn’t the tonic for this dilemma.  Get a room in The Warehouse, put out some coffee and hot tea, turn on the bright lights and get Andy up in front of everyone for an hour. 

The Ravens do it.  And they’re one of the best organizations in professional sports.  Doesn’t that beg the question:  If you were running the Orioles, wouldn’t you look at the Ravens’ model and try and follow it to a tee?

Of course you would.  That’s because you’re smart.  And, not afraid to tell the truth. 

I’ve seen Andy handle the media.  He does it well.  I have a feeling he won’t break a sweat if he allows the media to face off with him.  We’re not vultures.  We just have questions that deserve answers.

We get the chance to grill the Ravens every January and somehow they always seem to come out unbloodied and still in control of all of their mental faculties. 

When’s our chance coming with the Orioles this week?