O’s play to lose, lose 4-0

August 17, 2010 |

What an absolute disaster.

The Orioles gave up game two of a three game set to the lowly Seattle Mariners Tuesday night for no other purpose, it would seem, than to allow Jim Hunter to use the term ‘rubber match’ in that debacle of a post-game show.

I’m not sure if I’m correct on this because I wasn’t in the ballpark, but by all vantage points offered by MASN, Julio Lugo should have rounded third on Brian Roberts’ (infield) single in the bottom of the eighth, and allowed his third base coach to direct him home when the ball was kicked into centerfield.  That would have tied it at 1.

I can live with that mistake, I guess. 

What I can’t live with is leaving this Gabino kid in the game after he promptly put two guys on in the top of the ninth.  Sure, he pitched his way to a strikeout to make it one out and runners on first and second (fortunate), but in what universe do you leave that kid in the game to serve up the three run bomb to the only guy in the lineup with an RBI on the night?

I know, I know. These games are meaningless.

But you can’t NOT give your guys a chance in the bottom of the ninth.

You know what I think?   I think MacPhail is up Showalter’s rear end, telling him to see how these kids respond in tight situations.

Lou Brown tried that with Rick Vaughn in Major League.  Let’s see how he responds. 

“I think you can go get him now.” 

Showalter can’t be hating the idea of pushing white-walls at Tire World tonight. 

Sorry, but you can’t lose for the sake of winning. 

A team fouls off four bunt attempts and you lose to them?  The Mariners suck.  TONIGHT was a night to teach WINNING.

As I now put both feet on my soapbox, get Flanagan the eff out of the booth.  He keeps McDonald from telling it like it is.  Palmer would have had a field day tonight. 

Then Dempsey with the Luke French crap.  It was a 1-0 game going to the top of nine, for crying out loud.  Showalter should have asked for control of the broadcasters before he signed.  It’s like these guys were subjects in the Manchurian Candidate. 

The real story was the managerial indifference in the top of that inning. Or was it?  Who’s calling the shots?

If the Orioles were five back of the Wild Card today, does Gabino stay in the game to give up the three run bomb?

No way, no how.

You can’t ever play to lose.  You just can’t.