Done deal: O’s get Millwood from Texas

December 09, 2009 | Drew Forrester

UPDATE:  The deal is done and the O’s have themselves an established, veteran pitcher.  The Birds have finalized a deal that brings Kevin Millwood to Baltimore in exchange for Chris Ray and a player to be named later.  And because the Rangers were dying to move Millwood on, they even agreed to pay a hefty part ($9 million of the $12 million he’s owed, perhaps?) of his 2010 salary.

This is a good deal for the O’s.

They need an established pitcher.  Yes, his numbers are going to inflate coming to the American League East.  Every pitcher who comes into the American League East sees his numbers go up.  I’m not sure if you know this or not, but the O’s play other teams besides the Yankees and Red Sox.  Yes.  They do.

I’ve checked off on this deal today.

Unlike a year ago when the club tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with the likes of Adam Eaton and Alfredo Simon, they’ve gone out and actually done something to improve the team.

God Bless them.

It’s about time.


Here’s the original blog from earlier in the afternoon when the deal looked imminent.

Unless something happens when the two teams review the medical records of both players involved, it appears as if the Orioles are going to acquire veteran starting pitcher Kevin Millwood at some point in the next few hours.

Millwood (35 years old in a couple of weeks) would come to the O’s from the Texas Rangers in exchange for relief pitcher Chris Ray.  The Rangers are also reportedly going to throw in some cash to help off-set Millwood’s $12 million salary in 2010.

Here are Millwood’s career numbers. He’s a decent major league pitcher.  At times he’s been very effective and at times he’s struggled with injuries.  His career ERA is lower than the league average.  His WHIP is probably higher than one would like and home runs allowed have been somewhat of an issue  — but that’s why Texas is literally PAYING the Orioles to take him.

And this deal fits in perfectly with Andy MacPhail’s game-plan.  Since the O’s don’t like to pay any free agents any real money, why not get some other team to kick in part of the salary and trade for a player?  That’s what the O’s are in the process of doing.

No offense to him…but they won’t miss Chris Ray.

And if Millwood stinks up the joint (or, doesn’t), he can still be pawned off on someone at the trade deadline next July.

On the whole, this is a good deal for the O’s.  Millwood is a veteran and he’ll chew up 190+ innings for them.  Chris Ray wasn’t doing much of anything, really.

Millwood’s not as good as Jon Garland, but Garland would cost the club REAL money.

It is interesting how a year ago, the O’s passed on veterans like Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez because – as Andy told me at the Warehouse – “they’re out of our age demographic”, but today they’re on the verge of signing a guy who will be 35 years old on opening day.

I guess being a losing GM for the last 2+ years will make a man change the way he thinks, huh?