O’s today: A 6-4 loss…swept in New York (*sigh*)

July 22, 2009 | Drew Forrester

So, as it turns out, the O’s weren’t exactly in a “New York state of mind”.  Another day, another loss…this one by the final of 6-4 at Yankee Stadium.  

Swept in the Bronx…and now a miserable 15-32 on the road, the Birds tuck their orange feathers between their legs and head to Boston for a 3-game weekend series with the Red Sox.  The good news?  Boston only has one scheduled left hander (Lester, Saturday) in the series, which means Baltimore might actually have a remote chance in the other two games.  The bad news? Right handers beat the Orioles too.

Wednesday’s matinee outing in New York was about as pedestrian of an effort as the team has produced in a month or so.  And before the Apologist’s start prattling on about how Drew is “bashing the team again”, let it be known that Jim Palmer called them out in the 9th inning today, citing them for “no sense of urgency”.  I wonder if Jim’s press credential is in jeopardy?  

Now, to the particulars.

Aubrey Huff looked like Captain Disinterested in an early at-bat, swinging at a pitch that gave his shoelaces a hickey on the way by.  He fanned – looking – to end the game.  That’s always a good way to go out.  On the day, Huffy went 0-5.  So did Brian Roberts.  Micah Owings would be embarrassed, frankly.

Felix Pie looked – well, let’s be nice here – like Captain Overmatched, going 0-for-4 in his afternoon at the plate.  Adam Jones went 4-for-5 and belted a 9th inning homer to balance out the good news/bad news portion of his day.  Good news — he padded the power stats with a homer that didn’t matter in the final inning.  Bad news — it looked to me like a player with more enthusiasm would have hit the ground for that Nick Swisher fly ball that fell eight feet to AJ’s left in the first inning…plating two early New York runs.  

Maybe Adam just got a bad jump on it.  Yeah, that must be what happened.

Jason Berken got the start and it was 4-0 before his deodorant started working.  I still see some good stuff in him, but the reality of the situation is he pitched 6 innings today and struck out one guy.  Not good enough.  He might be in Norfolk this time next week and it would be hard to argue with that decision if it’s made sometime over the weekend. 

They didn’t exactly mail this one in.  “Faxed in” might be a better description.

You don’t even have to look closely at their faces to see the wear and tear of losing.  It’s apparent everywhere.

Huff looks like he’d trade places with Michael Vick just to get out of town.  Brian Roberts last smiled when his new wife showed up at spring training with a book on tantra tucked under her arm.  Ty Wigginton was just happy to be here until he realized “here” is last place.  And Matt Wieters got the day off today, still collected his $108 of per-diem and probably thought to himself at some point during the game, “I wonder where I’ll live when I sign with the Yankees in six years?”

This stinks.

It’s tough to watch, because most of the players – and the manager – deserve a better fate.

But this was – roughly – the game plan the front office put together last winter when they didn’t add any quality, representative starting pitchers and cut their ace’s salary by $120,000 three weeks before the opener in April.  

You get what you pay for, evidently.

It’s on to Boston now, where Fenway Park will be jammed with Red Sox fans for three games over the weekend.

That might actually work in the O’s favor.  Maybe they’ll think it’s a home game in Baltimore with all those people screaming “Yoooouuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk” all weekend.