O’s today: Freel’s the happiest guy in MLB this afternoon

May 08, 2009 | Drew Forrester

You’d have to forgive Ryan Freel if he pulled that stunt from the movie Major League today…you know, the one where Wesley Snipes finds out he’s made the team and tiptoes outside and then shouts, “yes! yes! yes!”, before settling back down as if nothing happened.  (By the way, I searched the internet for that clip and couldn’t find it…can’t believe it.)

Freel found out this afternoon he’s been traded from the Orioles to the Chicago Cubs.  I know, you’re shocked that the O’s would make a trade with the Cubs.  It’s so comical now it’s not worth commenting on, actually.  There’s a rumor floating around that MacPhail also received four Blackhawks and Bulls season tickets and a free foursome at famed Medinah CC as part of the transaction.  Those are all worth more than the player the O’s receive, I’d assume.

Freel, though, must be thrilled.

After toiling with the hapless Reds and being traded to the as-hapless Orioles, Freel hadn’t played a September game that mattered since an 18-hole $100 a hole round of golf with Bronson Arroyo in September of 2007.

That all changed today when he was shipped to the Cubs.

He’ll play September games that matter now.

I’m guessing he’ll still hit .240 or so, but at least he’ll be happy doing so.

The unlucky guy in the deal is someone named Joey Gathright who, evidently, runs really fast.  So does Felix Pie and I’ve yet to see that do much for him.  Last time I checked, you can’t steal first base.  

That said, Gathright’s not really taking up space here.  He’s going to Norfolk to take up space.

If and when the club decides the Felix Pie experiment is cooked (had to do it, sorry), that means they can bring up Nolan Reimold and give the most deserving guy in the organization a chance to show his mettle at the major league level.  I’m not sure when that’s going to happen, but I assume it will be soon.

In the meantime, be prepared for a Ryan Freel flare-up at some point later today.  He’ll start off by saying, “I’m really happy about this…I hold no animosity towards the Orioles.”  And nine minutes later when he’s done, they’ll need 3-alarms to put out the fire. 

That said, Freel really should just head to BWI, get on a plane and do the sensible thing.

Send Andy MacPhail a text right before he leaves town:

Andy, thanks for giving me my season back.