O’s today: Spanked in Florida…three nights in a row

June 25, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Kind of ironic that the Marlins had 17 hits on Thursday night in their 11-3 win over the O’s.

That’s as many as Michael Jackson had on Thriller.

So much for that road sweep in Philadelphia.  We can now classify those three straight wins as a fluke, I guess.

The O’s just got their orange rumps handed to them three straight nights in Miami.  Granted, Land Shark Stadium isn’t the easiest place to play in — there were probably no more than 5,000 live human beings in the stands for each of the three games. It looked more like a Billy Idol concert at the State Fair. 

They’re now 11-23 on the road this season.  

Homers…that’s what they’ve become.  The stats will bear that out.  

In all fairness, in the cozy confines of OPACY, the Birds are competitive bunch.  They’re 21-17 at home and a tough out in every inning.

On the road, they have little to offer.

Felix Pie beat out an infield single in the 9th inning.  I wonder if there’s still time for him to make the All-Star team?

OK, maybe not.

Gregg Zaun came in and delivered a 2-run pinch hit double to avoid the goose-egg.

And Markakis delivered a double to score Zaun.  

Those, my friends, are the highlights.

Jim Hunter just mentioned that Zaun will probably catch Friday night “since Wieters has now caught four games in a row…”

And he said that with a straight face.

“Has caught four games in a row…”

As if that’s akin to working on the chain gang or something.

Sheesh…swept three games in Florida.  

Well, thankfully the O’s are coming home to face the lowly Nationals.  

That’s a 3-game winning streak waiting to happen.  



Of course it is.