O’s told me “you only have one listener”…so how does this happen?

March 19, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Last March during one of his unprofessional tirades, an O’s staffer lashed me with this gem:  “WNST doesn’t even to exist to us. You only have one listener.”

Having seen the crowds at OPACY – followed by the announced attendance –  over the last few years, I realize the Orioles aren’t very good at “counting” things.  I get it, believe me.

So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that this morning starting at 6:20 am, I gave away 32 NCAA teams in 40 minutes on The Comcast Morning Show.

You know the drill:  You call the show, I pick a team out of the hat, and you “own” that team for the duration of the tournament. If your team gets to the Final Four, you get a gift certificate from one of our great sponsors.  If your team wins the NCAA title, you receive the super-mega-mother-prize package.

Here’s what I can’t figure out:  If we only have one listener, how did 32 people call the show this morning?

It must be a new version of “Orioles Math”.