O’s tonight: More runners thrown OUT at home plate than CROSS home plate

July 20, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s better than The Keystone Cops.

Another night, another baserunning blunder, more excuses — and a wasted effort from David Hernandez.

Did I mention the O’s couldn’t beat a lefthander, again?  

They couldn’t.

They couldn’t win in New York tonight because they beat themselves – again- for about the 150th time in the last two years, it seems.

Nick Markakis hit a home run and then barely made solid contact again the rest of the evening. Aubrey Huff and Luke Scott went 0-fer, failing to get a hit in 7 combined official at bats.

And when Hideki Matsui homered in walk-off fashion in the bottom of the 9th, that was all she wrote as the Yanks won, 2-1.

But a costly base-running gaffe from Cesar Izturis in the top of the 9th cost the O’s a chance to win, as he lost track of the ball (somehow) and slid into second base on a drive to deep right center field off the bat of Brian Roberts.  The Roberts ball bounced off the wall in right field but Izturis – who would have likely scored on the play had he been running the whole way – cost himself valuable time by sliding into second, getting up, looking out into right field, and then easily trotting into 3rd base.  He was thrown out at home on a bang-bang play and then, to make matters worse, Brian Roberts was thrown out on a wild-pitch that turned out to be not so wild. 

It’s truly amazing to watch these boneheads play – and lose. 

Some nights, it’s barely major-league caliber.


This is a team that is now 10 games under .500 (41-51) but in reality, they’re a team that should easily be AT LEAST .500. The O’s have dropped a minimum of six games because of dumb base-running.  And that’s being kind.  Add six wins (47) and take away six losses (45) and you have a team above .500 — and that’s WITH no pitching and Felix Pie stealing a roster spot all season.  

I don’t know if this is going to cost Dave Trembley his job at season’s end, but it’s become a nightly source of wagering in bars all over Baltimore:  “Forget about betting on the win or the total runs scored…each night, the betting line is how many O’s base-runners will be thrown tonight?  The number is 1.5.”  I’ll take the “over” every game and make enough to send Ethan to college.  

It’s horrible.

After the game, Dave Trembley said something about “aggressive baseball”.  Huh?  Come on skip, take some of that Meet The Fockers truth serum and call it like it is:  “dumb baseball”.

Frankly, it’s worse than watching Kyle Boller fumble once a game and trip over Mike Flynn’s feet twice a game.  

It’s – as Bob Haynie would say – “unacceptable”.