O’s trade Salazar, Andy brings in another also-ran pitcher

July 19, 2009 | Drew Forrester

This deal, I just don’t get. 

Maybe in the high-stakes game of trading-deadline chess, this is the first in a series of moves that will somehow make the Orioles better down the road.

Today, though, they’re not better after trading Oscar Salazar to the Padres for some guy with a 4.17 ERA name Cla Meredith.

In his last eight appearances in San Diego, he has a 9.00 ERA.

Andy MacPhail is infatuated with these scrub hurlers, eh?

We give up on Salazar, a decent enough utility-type with a keen eye at the plate and a better than average bat.  He never got a fair shake here.  

And we bring in this dude Meredith — if you don’t think he’s an also-ran, check out his stats here and tell me what you like about him. 

I just don’t understand.  We have a zillion pitchers in the minors asking – if not begging – for a transfer (a little nod to “A Few Good Men” there) to Baltimore and we still have David Hernandez being yo-yo’d up and down every four weeks and we trade for ANOTHER pitcher?  Speaking of the pitchers, what Rhodes Scholar assembled the O’s post-All-Star-break rotation and inserted Jason Berken first?  Hello, McFly?  Aren’t you supposed to start your BEST pitcher first after the break?  

I’d love to ask Andy about this but I’m not allowed to have him on the show. 

So there you have it, Oscar Salazar is gone and Mrs. Meredith’s son is here.  Along with his 1.6 WHIP and 4.17 ERA.

Oh well, he’s leaving a great pitcher’s park in San Diego and coming over to the American League.  I’m sure he’ll do gangbusters here.