O’s/Mariners series reminds O’s fans of the past while looking ahead to the future

June 01, 2009 |

The Orioles make their first when coast trip of the season when they travel to Seattle to take on the Mariners in a three game set starting tonight.
On paper, this series provides little incentive for Orioles fans to stay up into the early morning hours to watch, however, I believe this is one of the most intriguing series the Orioles have played this season.
Watching the Mariners will give Orioles fans a chance to remember the past and give them a greater appreciation for the direction this team is going. Much like the Orioles, Seattle is an organization that has fallen on hard times, but unlike the Orioles, they have little hope.

The Mariners roster consists of a talented right fielder that is the face of the franchise much like the Orioles, and a pitching staff of veterans who are past their prime. The Mariners brought in high priced free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre in hopes he would turn the franchise around, much like the Orioles did with Miguel Tejada.

Orioles fans will also get to see former pitchers Erik Bedard and Garrett Olson, who were both supposed to be viewed as part of “plan” to turn the Orioles around.

 In his last season with the Orioles Bedard set an Orioles record for strikeouts in a season,but many questioned his heart and desire as he pulled himself from games far too early.

Olson was just another pitcher to have success in the Minor Leagues that didn’t pan out in the major leagues and was so bad, the Orioles traded him for Felix Pie.

This marks the second time the Orioles have returned to Seattle since they robbed the Mariners in the Erik Bedard trade. In that trade the Orioles acquired Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, George Sherrill and two other pitchers for Erik Bedard. Jones is now becoming a star and the Mariners fans will get a first hand look at the best center fielder in baseball. I think when it is all said and done, this trade could be so one sided for the Orioles that it might even make fans forget the Glen Davis trade.

The Orioles franchise has turned the corner in recent weeks. Young pitchers have been recalled as well as Nolan Reimold and the “savior” Matt Wieters. There is now excitement in Baltimore and the Orioles are starting become interesting again, which is more then we can say about the Mariners.

Seattle, like Baltimore, used to be a rabid baseball town , and the Mariners had a passionate following. They have a new beautiful ballpark  but only half fill it now thanks to years of ineptitude. Things are not yet as bad in Seattle as they were in Baltimore, but the Mariners show no signs of turning the corner and could go through a long streak of losing seasons much like the Orioles.

Orioles fans that chose to stay up for the 10:10 start time will see a team with that is old, has bad pitching, that is playing in front of half filled stadium. The difference is that for once, this team won’t be the Orioles.

Fans that watch this series will see a team that is a mirror image of the Orioles of the past, going against the Orioles of the future. Unlike the Mariners, there is hope for the Orioles and the fans should appreciate this.

After watching this series O’s fans will realize that maybe things aren’t as bad in Baltimore as we think. There are franchises that are suffering far worse then ours and Seattle is one of them. The Orioles are no longer the laughing stock of the league.

That is something the fan base has been waiting 12 long years to say.