O’s/Nats series provides little interest or reason to watch

May 22, 2009 |

The Orioles start a three game set  against cross town “rival” Washington tonight. This series  provides nothing to gain and everything to lose for the Orioles, and there really is no reason to watch.

This will be a match up of two last place teams that are a combined 25 games under .500. Taking two or three games in a series in May against the worst team in baseball will do nothing for the Orioles, however, losing the series could be very detrimental.

The media has tried to turn the Orioles and Nationals into “rivals” in order to help market the series, but I know for a fact that fans of either team could care less about the other team.

Orioles fans hate the Yankees and Red Sox and the Nationals are nothing more then a team that is just as bad us that happens to be right down the road.

Both the Orioles and Nationals have two beautiful ballparks but thanks to their ineptitude they rank 23rd and 27th in attendance respectively. The Nationals, who just built their park last year in order to bring more fans, have only drawn 398,603 fans in 20 games for an average of only 19, 930 fans per game.

There should be no reason to believe that just because the Orioles are in town that the stadium will suddenly fill up. I know as an Orioles fan I do not feel like dealing with hassle of driving to Washington DC and sitting in a half empty stadium to watch the Orioles when I could just do that in Baltimore.

So is there any reason to watch this series? Actually, there are a few. First, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Ryan Zimmerman are having great starts to the year and might just be best young players at their position. Secondly, the Orioles will want to see how Rich Hill performs in his second start . Lastly, the Nationals will want to watch pitching fenom Jordan Zimmerman who might be the best pitcher on the team.

None of these reasons will have fans glued to their televisions or make them want to go to Nats park to watch any of the games.


If you like offensive baseball then this series will be interesting as the Orioles rank second to last and the Nats rank last in pitching in the league. Neither team will be able to hold a lead and home runs should be flying out of the park on a regular basis.

MASN will likely try to drum up interest by constantly referring to how close in proximity these cities are to each other but I don’t believe that will keeps fans interest.

This is a series in Late- May between two last place teams that have a combined 28-53 record. Enough said.

The atmosphere will be that of a college game and good seats should be easy to find. It is sad to see the state that both franchises are currently in, but beating each other will do nothing to draw fans back to the yard.

This is a no win situation for the Orioles. They should be expected to sweep a team that only has 12 wins all year, so if they do it is no big deal.

Nats fans are looking forward to the arrival of Stephen Strasberg while Orioles fans are looking forward to watching anyone but Adam Eaton pitch.

On this Memorial Day Weekend I wonder if anyone knows or cares that this series is getting played.

One thing is for sure, there will be traffic all around the DC area, however, that will be Orioles and Nats fans heading to the beach instead of the stadium.

Thank God for Memorial Day Bar-BBQ’s and the Lacrosse Final Four, I will see the Orioles when they come back to Baltimore.

Both cities already have more interest in  the Redskins/Ravens pre-season match up in August then they do in this series.