Our jealousy of the Red Sox makes Tuesday that much sweeter

July 01, 2009 | Drew Forrester

In the hypothetical world of “would it?”, I have to wonder today what immediate impact last night’s O’s win over Boston would have on the team’s attendance at OPACY.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to find out, because immediately following today’s game – as luck would have it, I suppose – the Birds will jet to the west coast to start a 4-game series in Anaheim.

Too bad.

Because regardless of what happens today when the Sox and O’s finish their 3-gamer at Fenway Park Mid-Atlantic, I would be extremely curious to see if an attendance spike occurred this weekend if, say, the O’s were HOSTING the Angels instead of playing them in the PDT zone.

I don’t know the answer.  No one does, of course.  Would people come out this weekend, suddenly galvanized by that front-page, historic comeback of Tuesday night?  Or, by Friday afternoon, would Tuesday’s game be nothing more than a memorable win but nothing worth getting overly excited about?

I wonder.

My GUESS is that it wouldn’t matter much.  It’s one win out of the expected/projected 70 or so they’re going to have in ’09. Would it be any different if the O’s would have won 13-1?  I don’t know the answer to that, either.

But there’s one thing for certain.  Unless the Orioles play the Red Sox or Yankees, there’s not much energy in the city for baseball anymore.  

Last night’s win was high-octane fueled by the fact it came against the team we’re the most jealous of — the Boston Red Sox. Had Tuesday’s triumph been against Cleveland or Minnesota or Texas, I doubt it would have meant as much to the fans.  Or, the team, for that matter.  Against Texas, it would have been a GREAT win for the guys.  Against the Red Sox, it’s a punch in the mouth to one of the villains of sport — and a franchise we’re insanely envious of here in Baltimore because they are the model we so want to resemble.  Fans in the seats, hats and shirts everywhere in town, and World Series banners flying — from THIS decade.  

We beat the Big Brother last night.  

It was awesome.

I wish things were different and we had a weekend homestand to gauge whether or not folks in town would come out to show their excitement and appreciation.

Then again, I probably wouldn’t like what I’d see.  Unless the Yankees were in town.