Ovechkin signs 13 year deal with Caps

January 11, 2008 | Ed Frankovic

The Caps have signed superstar forward Alexander Ovechkin to a 13 year, $124M contract. This is a great move by the franchise. Now it is time for Ted Leonsis to market this spectacular player all over DC, Virginia, and Maryland (to include the untapped Baltimore market). This should help the Caps in Free Agency because people will want to play with him in Washington. As I said in my Caps mid-season grades blog last night this team still needs some major building blocks but #8 is a great guy to start with along with Backstrom, Green, Schultz, and Alznur (#1 draft pick last year and according to one NHL Director of Scouting I talked to, the #1 defensemen in last years draft).

The Caps goal going forward cannot be to just make the playoffs, they need to think higher – Stanley Cup. They won’t get there with this supporting cast and I’m not sure the current GM is the guy to take this team to the promised land. Leonsis has more hard decisions ahead.

Last time Leonsis spent big money on a player it was Jaromir Jagr, who didn’t want to be here. Ovechkin wants to be in DC and he wants to win. Last time McPhee failed to provide the proper supporting cast, especially on defense, for those Jagr teams. It remains to be seen whether Leonsis will give McPhee a 2nd shot. It all depends on how the second half of the season goes. If it plays out like the last 22 games then McPhee will be back.