Packers Contain Vick

January 11, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

The Green Bay Packers went into Philadelphia with one goal and that was to stop Michael Vick and the Eagles high powered offense. The Packers held the Eagles to 19 points, which is way under their average. The Packers have the 5th ranked defense in the NFL. They have one of the best cornerbacks in the league with Charles Woodson. They have Clay Matthews who had a Pro Bowl year and he had over 10 sacks. The Packers defense relies on their ability to get pressure and they did it in many ways. One way is Clay Matthews one on one with a tackle. He has great speed and good power, so he can bull rush a tackle or use his speed. B. J Raji is a good nose tackle who can plug up the middle and get to the quarterback with his power. They rely on these two guys to disrupt the quarterback but they also blitz well. Charles Woodson can guard a premier receiver one on one and that is something that allows them to blitz. The defense contained Michael Vick for a majority of the game, and that is because the defensive ends didn’t over commit. This means that they didn’t get behind Vick, which would give him running lanes and he is a tremendous runner. They kept Desean Jackson in check by not allowing him to have a huge reception for a touchdown and that is something that the Eagles thrive on. Jackson got injured in the first half and he came back in the second half. The Eagles offense is a quick scoring team and since they couldn’t do that, so they didn’t score. The Green Bay Packers earned a lot of respect by beating the Eagles, and will need to play the same defense if they want to beat the Falcons next week.

The Packers offense played a subpar game for them and that’s not just because they had 24 points. They had many opportunities but they couldn’t convert on all of them, but they have the potential to put up 30 or more a week. That starts with Aaron Rodgers who is a great quarterback. He knows how to spread the ball around, whether it’s to Greg Jennings, James Jones, or any other player. They have a good running game and that really helps Rodgers since the defense buys the play fake. Rodgers is someone who can lead this team to a Super Bowl if they can keep doing what they’re doing. The Eagles don’t have a great defense, but they have a good shutdown corner in Asante Samuel. He was on Jennings for a lot of the game but Jennings still managed to play a good game. The Packers have a legitimate shot at beating the Falcons as long as their offense plays well and their defense can stop the run and make the Falcons one dimensional.