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Buck pose


November 16, 2014 | Tom Federline

Ok, so it’s not a World Series appearance. At least a few of the Orioles were rewarded with accolades due them. Being recognized with four major personal awards cannot compare with the ultimate team award, but hey, not a bad take home. The O’s had three key players out for the stretch run and playoffs. [...]

Ovechkin, Johansson Lead Caps Over Blue Jackets

Ovechkin, Johansson Lead Caps Over Blue Jackets

November 11, 2014 | Ed Frankovic

The Caps win by two goals, but this one wasn’t over until late in the game. What did Washington do well and what went poorly?


It’s Simple Math Folks: On Paper That Is

November 08, 2014 | Marty Mossa

It doesn’t take a math major to figure out what the Ravens need to do from this point on. The AFC North without a doubt is the most competitive division in the NFL. The Ravens went from second place to first place to last place in a matter of weeks. The Steelers went from third [...]

Pearce HR 9-16


September 17, 2014 | Tom Federline

“Sweeeeeeeeet Emoooootion” – Aerosmith. Just keep playing that song in your head. How ’bout ‘dem O’s hun? WOW! 8 – 2 win over the whining, scum beaning Blow Jays. The Division East Title and then………. the celebration. If you were there, nice pull. If you watched it, baseball entertainment at its’ finest (and no Gary Thorne – in [...]

Ray Rice, Janay Rice

Did Goodell View the Elevator Video?

September 10, 2014 | Marty Mossa

One has to wonder how TMZ can gain access to the Rice assault video in an Atlantic City Hotel but one of the most powerful entities in the world could not. A. Did the NFL really try to see the video and denied?: Come on roger, the NFL is a 9 billion dollar business. It [...]

Why People Need To Keep Quiet About Ray Rice

Why People Need To Keep Quiet About Ray Rice

September 08, 2014 | Brandon Sacks

At this point, almost everyone has seen the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Palmer.  Yes, it is absolutely disgusting that this would happen and that he would even swing at her.  There is no acceptable time for a man to ever place his hands on a woman.  As someone who has [...]


FOX Fumbles the Ball!!!!

September 06, 2014 | Marty Mossa

This will be FOX’s 21st season broadcasting NFL games. For nineteen of the seasons FOX has been on, Pam Oliver has been working the sidelines with the “A” Team. For the past several years, Oliver has been working with Troy Aikman and Jack Buck. Unfortunately for Oliver and true football fans, Oliver will be spending [...]

NFL Season Preview and Predictions

NFL Season Preview and Predictions

September 03, 2014 | Nick Dorsey

  AFC North: 1. Baltimore Ravens 2. Cincinnati Bengals 3. Pittsburgh Steelers 4. Cleveland Browns The Bengals took home first place in the North at the end of the last season, but that is sure to change. Speaking of change, the Bengals have seen some throughout their organization. Losing two coordinators and other pieces from [...]

markakis-game saver 8-20-14


August 26, 2014 | Tom Federline

Thursday, August 21st – Birds up by 9 on the Spankee’s and 9 on the Boo Jays. Four (4) days later, August 25th – Birds up by 6 on the Spankee’s and 8 on the Boo Jays. Just when you start thinking - the Orioles (73 wins), might just be able to coast into the playoffs - BANG – [...]

Dorsey’s Dugout – Ravens vs. Washington and Rookie Quarterback Situations

Dorsey’s Dugout – Ravens vs. Washington and Rookie Quarterback Situations

August 22, 2014 | Nick Dorsey

    Offense the Focus Facing Washington Pre-season football is nearly unbearable to watch throughout its entirety, especially with the abundance of penalty flags that have been thrown through the first two weeks. Fortunately for the fans, the third exhibition game is on the horizon. The third game of an NFL pre-season game is better [...]