Patience Is Being Tested(Literally)

April 14, 2010 |

I’m not the guy who beats the Orioles up every chance I get.  I am the guy who has stood by the Orioles through all the losing, waiting for the day things will get better.  As we get through the first week of the 2010 season, i’m beginning to feel the frustration.

I’m watching these games and I see a team who has really no clue how to win.  Mistakes are being made, and from where I sit, I see no one stepping up  taking charge and saying to the team “NO MORE”.  They have actually had decent pitching from the starters, relievers leave more to be desired.   The offense has been sporadic at best.

I can’t, in good faith keep being unapologetic about what i’m seeing as a lifelong fan of the Orioles.  I’ll never not be an Orioles fan, but i’m going to be much more objective in my analysis of the team.  I can no longer accept this mediocre, non-enthusiastic, excuse for a baseball team.

I understand that most of these guys are young, and learning how to win at the major league level, but things have to get better, sooner than later, or my patience will run away!