Patton Rallies The Troops in Bowie!

April 17, 2009 |


In my previous blog, I joked about going to Bowie to see if there would be any decent pitching coming from the Oriole farm system. Well, if one game is any indication of things to come, the Birds may have a diamond in the rough.

23 year old, Troy Patton was the starting pitcher for the Bowie Baysox home opener last night as they defeated the Cleveland Indian AA affiliate, the Akron Aeros, 2-0. Acquired in the “Miguel Tejada trade” from Houston and recovering from an arm injury that he suffered there, Patton pitched brilliantly.

Coming into the game with record of 1-0 and a 1.50 ERA (don’t you love early season statistics?), Patton pitched for 6 innings, giving up no runs on 3 hits with 5 strikeouts.

As an Oriole fan, I lament that the team doesn’t grant more media coverage to other outlets besides the ones that they have business relationships with. I had the pleasure of meeting Troy and his father after the game. He is a guy that, after meeting, you could pull for. I was told about what he went through with his injuries, his days of playing Texas high school football. I even heard that a player from the visiting Akron Aeros was someone that Troy knew from Texas. When his father told him this, Troy basically said that had he known, he might have pitched more inside.

The Orioles have a few players like Luke Scott and Adam Jones that you get that impression about. Well, as I have mentioned in my audition with Nestor, I work for an online radio station, that covers a variety of sports. If I have access to the Baysox clubhouse or other teams in the area, I will to try to give you as much insight as possible.

Yeah, we want the box scores and want to “cheer for the laundry” as Jerry Seinfeld mentioned. But I think that there is a human element that is sometimes left out and I will try to bring that element to my blogs.

Thank you for reading!