Peter King and Ravens Fans, Part 1

August 19, 2010 | John West

Peter King says good things about the Ravens, Part 1

Peter King, one of the nation’s pre-eminent NFL reporters in the entire country, sat down with an elite crowd of sports fans in Baltimore on Wednesday night at Amicci’s. After a couple of hours of talking football, he bought us a round of beers. Are you kidding me? What a guy. Anyway, he had so much to say, I will be blogging about over the next several days.

As you would expect, Peter started talking about the Ravens. He starts in with some hard hitting stuff. He said as of today there are probably 12 teams in the NFL who are considered potential Super Bowl champions, and the Ravens are definitely one of those 12. He said that there are several things that really jump out to him about the Ravens.

Number 1, the Ravens have never been this deep or this good at all of the skill positions on offense. He really loves Ray Rice, and added that Ray may be one of the nicest guys in the NFL (Who doesn’t want to root for that??). That Todd Heap is playing healthy and is really getting pushed by the 2 rookie Tight Ends. The offensive line looks real good, and he loves Marshal Yanda. He talked about the Wide Receiver position and how strong it really looks.

Peter King is really rooting for Dante Stallworth, and you should be too. He loves how committed Dante is to never letting go of this second chance and taking full advantage of this opportunity, one he never thought he would get. Peter thinks that there will be several times a game Dante will line up on the left and just run straight down the sideline. He thinks Joe will throw to Dante, even when the safety slides over to give him double coverage.

Peter King told a great story about Dante and the open practice the Ravens had at M&T Bank stadium the other Saturday. Apparently, as the practice was starting and everyone was milling around the field, Dante went up to coach Harbaugh and hugged him. He then something like “Thank you. I never thought I would get this second opportunity and I will never let you down for taking this chance on me” Dante, the entirety of Ravens Nation is rooting for you and I would like to say Thank you for being as committed as you are. That what is means to “Play like a Raven”

Over the next several days, I will continue to write about what Peter King talked about. It was lengthy and so informative; I have a lot to tell you about. I also want to thank Peter for the chance to talk to my wife for 1 ½ hours about football when I got home. You may not believe this, but you should….My wife loves football and the Ravens a little to a lot more than me. The look my wife gave me as I was telling her everything Peter had to say about the Ravens was fantastic. Every marriage should have moments like that, and I had one last night. Thank you Peter King.