Peter King III, Art’s not getting in HOF

August 20, 2010 | John West

Peter King, Part III, The Art Modell debate

It doesn’t appear as if Art Modell is getting in the Hall of Fame anytime soon. I had the chance to ask Mr. King about Art getting in the Hall, and what he thought Art’s chances were. For those of you who don’t know, Peter King is a voting member on the Hall of Fame committee. He’s is one of the guys, roughly 50, who sit around the room and vote on who gets in the Hall and who doesn’t. Peter King is exactly the guy to ask this question of.

Mr. King doesn’t think Art Modell has done enough to be Hall of Fame worthy. Mr. King said that the sentiment in the room (“the room” is my term used to describe the meeting of all the Hall of Fame voters gathering to discuss who gets in) is there are 2 things going against Art Modell.

Number 1, Art Modell was the first one and the loudest proponent of the revenue sharing amongst all the teams in the league, so that the NFL would have a competitive balance. According to Peter King, the feeling in the room is that the rest of the NFL owners would have eventually figured that out, so it’s not a big deal. Let me add something right here, this is not how I feel; this is how Peter King feels. I absolutely disagree. Being the first one to identify one of the key, founding bed-rock ideas that makes the NFL thrive today shouldn’t just be tossed aside as “Well, we would have figured that out eventually” That’s ridiculous, and Peter seemed to get a little earful from the crowd when he said this.

Number 2, Art Modell left Cleveland. The bottom line to this is pretty astonishing. Peter King said “2 wrongs don’t make a right” That is applicable only if both wrongs are close to equal. There is no way in the world that an NFL mind like Peter King can equate what happened to Baltimore, and CONTINUES to happen to Baltimore every time Peyton Manning breaks another Johnny Unitas record, and to the fact that Cleveland didn’t have football for 4 years. Joe Flacco isn’t about to break any Bernie Kosar records!!!! I am finding out that you have to be a fan of Baltimore to understand this. Everyone else seems to think these 2 events are equal

It also became clear that there really anyone in the room that is making a strong case for Art Modell. How can this be? Art needs somebody to stand up for him and make the passionate case that needs to be made. And, Art Modells case is an easy one to make. Why isn’t anyone making it????????

It was very disheartening to listen to Peter King about this issue, and it was a lively heated debate. It became very clear, very fast, that Art Modell isn’t getting into the Hall of Fame anytime soon. I find that Horrible!!!!!!