Peter King, Part II

August 20, 2010 | John West

Peter King, Part II

Mr. King talked about the 12 teams that are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. He said that of all of those teams, there isn’t any position on any of those teams that is as weak as the Ravens secondary is. And the Ravens know it.

That is a pretty scary statement. I know we all have hopes that Dawan and Toms play a decent safety position until Ed comes back. I know we are all hoping that Fabian and Chris can play well enough until Ladarious comes back. But put all of these injuries into context and what Mr. King says is very telling. So, what are the Ravens doing, if anything, to try to fix this problem?

First of all, Mr. King assured us that they will do something. That’s its just a matter of “at what cost”. He talked about Ozzie and Eric Decosta looking at every single pre-season game and every single teams roster depth at secondary and becoming very familiar with the status of all of the other teams. Next, the Ravens are weighing whether its worth a 4th round draft pick next year to get someone now, versus waiting about 14 days to see if that person is flat out released. Mr. King seems to think the Ravens won’t do anything until after the rosters are cut down to 53. Once that happens, the Ravens will see if anyone released will be an upgrade to the Ravens roster. If not, they Ravens will pounce on one or two identified players and pull the trigger on a trade.

This is a very fluid situation and the Ravens are trying to deal with it, from a position of weakness. They are desperate and have a serious legitimate need. The Ravens also have some strength. They are deep at several positions and could trade some of that depth.

Mr. King mentioned Jared Gaither as potential trade bait. This brought up some questions about Jared Gaither. Mr. King said “I don’t think Jared Gaither really wants to be a football player” OUCH!!!!

Mr. King also mentioned Mark Clayton as potential trade bait for secondary help, along with a future draft pick. Mr. King loves Dante Stallworth and thinks Dante provides enough depth at WR where the Ravens could trade Mark Clayton, as part of a package, to get additional secondary help.

I don’t really care, just get it done. It is really scary that the Ravens secondary is considered that weak at this point of the preseason. Lets get something done.