Pete’s Last Chance

September 08, 2010 |

Considering how well the Orioles have been playing of late, it’s hard not to become excited for what the future holds for the Birds.

It’s impossible to pintpoint a single factor that the O’s newfound winning ways can be attributed to, and I have a hard time believing that Buck Showalter’s arrival is solely responsible for the dramatic change in the way Baltimore carries themselves on the diamond.

As inexplicable an occurance as the Orioles resurgance may be, it’s refreshing to be talking about the Orioles in a positive way during the waning months of the season.

Although it would have been spectacular to sweep the Yankees, this series win in N.Y. put an emphatic exclamation point on a statement that the Orioles desperately needed to make.

“We will no longer lie down for the beasts of the East!”

Let the battle cry be heard from the peaks of the Appalacians to the shores of the Chesapeake!

Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but if the O’s continue their winning ways and somehow avoid the 100 loss mark, and manage to eclipse last year’s win total (an achievment that litterally seemed impossible just over a month ago), they will have signaled that there is change coming to Charm City.

The Orioles need to finish this season strong and prove that they intend on being a force to be reckoned with next year. This would prove to be a valuable asset  when they attempt to address their needs.

They need impact players at multiple positions on the diamond, including the bullpen.

If the front office is aggressive this offseason and tries to acquire quality free agents, they are more likely to have success if the player considering signing with the club feels as though he actually has a chance to compete in the toughest division in baseball.

Here’s where Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos could regain the collective hearts and minds of the Orioles’ faithful.

Despised throughout the city and state for running a once proud franchise into the ground, Angelos could heal many wounds if he is willing to open up the checkbook and make some serious offers to some serious players.

Granted, the Birds may have to overpay a bit for any free agent that they target, but as they say, winning heals all wounds and the orioles, in my opinion, are not that far away from competing.

If Peter Angelos is, as some believe, happy with the status quo, and once again insults Orioles’ fans with a collection of third tier free agent signings, then you can add one more name to the list of Angelos’ haters.

Chris Vinson