“Pick To Click”

January 04, 2009 |

Let me start off by saying, as a fan of a team who often gets overlooked, I wish the national media would stop overlooking the Miami Dolphins. It’s scary. I’m hoping this disrespect doesn’t motivate the Dolphins more than they already are.

Now, for the game. I think this could be a great game for Willis McGahee to bust out. Willis had a huge game against the Dallas Cowboys, and the stage is set for him to have, yet, another big game. He’s back home, warm weather, and it’s the play-offs. This is a great opportunity for him to, either, show the Ravens he’s still a very good option, or show the same thing to someone else.

I believe Joe Flacco’s last outing may have given the Dolphins something to think about. I don’t believe they’ll have the same approach the Tennessee Titans had during the 2003 play-offs when they lined, seemingly, 10 in the box against the Ravens’ offense. Flacco’s ability to make all throws makes this a dangerous move for the Dolphins.

With the opposing defense having to play honest, Willis and Le’Ron McClain should be able to have some running lanes. Either way, the Ravens should be able to be effective and advance to the divisional round of the play-offs.