Picks for the NFL Weekend: Who’s Rested and Who’s Rusty?

January 11, 2008 |

After last weeks victorious 5-3 mark, I will again trudge headlong into the NFL playoff picture. I know that 5-3 is certainly nothing fabulous, but a win is a win, just ask Jacksonville. (Although if they had held their 18 point fourth quarter lead, I would have been 6-2. And If the Titans hadn’t…..oh well. As I said, 5-3, we’ll take it. Seriously, if you would have followed all of my picks and put, say, a quadrillion clams on each game, then you would right now have a lot clams than you did last Friday.

And away we go!


Green Bay –7 ½ and under 42 ½: I like Green Bay’s defense more than I like Seattle’s one dimensional offense. And now that the Packers have found someone who can run the ball, I really think this is there’s to win. Seattle will not be bothered as much by the climate as some teams have, but I’m still not sure that this is a great team. There division was awful, and they threw out a few clunkers, like being shut out in Pittsburgh. I think Seattle will throw it early and often and some of those passes will go very badly. To borrow a few lyrics from the Notre Dame fight song, it’s time to wake up the echoes on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. GB 24-13.
Jacksonville + 13 ½ and over 49 ½: A week ago this was the match-up that everyone wanted. Now, after one bad quarter on the road, people seem to have lost a little faith in the Jags. Winning playoff games on the road is an accomplishment; I don’t care what the circumstances. Remember, the Jags can run the ball, and that will keep Brady and company off of the field. I know that the Pats have whipped some good teams, like the Cowboys, Redskins, and Steelers, but in the second half of the season, they seemed to play a lot of close games. In week sixteen, they only scored 28 in Miami against a bad, bad Dolphins team. I think Del Rio and the boys put on a good performance, even if it’s not quite enough. NE 34-27.

San Diego +9 and under 45 ½: This line opened at 7 ½ so everyone likes the Colts, but not me. Didn’t these teams play this year, and didn’t Peyton throw six picks? I’m sure they’ve made adjustments, but do you expect Manning to come back and play flawlessly against a team against whom he played the worst game of his career about two months ago? And don’t forget Vinatieri’s miss at the end of regulation. I think I saw him struggle more this year than any year of his career. Sometime he has to miss some kicks in the post-season. I think the Colts defense plays well and the offense does enough. I don’t think Rivers can do enough to pull out a win, but I think the Chargers feel like they have something to prove from last year, and they play much better than America is expecting. Indy 23-17.


Dallas – 7 ½ and over 46 ½: Now I am a Cowboy’s fan, but this pick isn’t based on my heart. It also isn’t based on the fact that the Cowboys have beaten the Giants twice this year, and obviously you’ve noticed that I don’t believe in the old theory that it’s hard to beat a team three times in the same season. No, this pick has nothing to do with that. This has to do with the fact that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson went to Mexico during the off weekend. Who can forget how much heat Tony got after playing horribly the one game that Jessica was at, and then the world reminding everyone how horribly he played last year during the one game Carrie Underwood was at? Did he let that bother him? No. He took his girl out where he knew the cameras would see him and basically said, “I don’t care what you think.” This is like the guy who’s dating a girl that his family doesn’t like. Maybe she’s the wrong color or the wrong religion, or has the wrong job. The family politely asks not to bring the girl around, but he parades her right into Thanksgiving dinner. That’s what Romo did. He looked right at everyone and said “this is how I roll.” I would assume both literally and figuratively. And you know what? You’ve got to like that. Chivalry is not dead, and neither are the Cowboys. Dallas 34 – 24.


There you have. Who looks rested and who looks rusty? We’ll see. Enjoy the weekend.