Pitt vs. Tenn

September 11, 2009 |

I love this time of year when you can jump from game to game. Last night was a pretty good night of football. Here are some thoughts/observations.

NFL season kickoff special- This was a joke. BEP should be SLS. I will let your imagination figure SLS. Tim McGraw is probably getting a call from the Denver Broncos as we speak. If your going to have a concert before a game try to do it somewhere the people have rhythm. That sea of yellow towels was so nauseating.

Pitt vs Tenn- I got the double whammy on this! I picked the Steelers to cover the points. So they won but did not cover, talk about sick to the stomach!   Offensively both teams were not impressive at all. I think the Titans outplayed the Steelers on Defense but as usual Big Ben made the plays when he needed to. When I say Big Ben I mean Big Ben! He must be eating a lot of comfort food due to his legal battle. I thought the Pass Pro for the Steelers was suspect and they could not establish a run game. As a Raven fan this gives me a good feeeling. The Titans were better than I thought they would be. Even with out Haynesworth they were stout on D.  Keith Bulloch is a very good player that does not get a lot of recognition.

Michaels and Collingsworth are ok. Al looks like he is trying to pimp Just for Men and Collingsworth looks like a Bobblehead.

Go Ravens!!  34-13 this weekend