Playoff Picture Predictions

January 01, 2012 | Derek Halford


1. New England Patriots — The Patriots will beat the Bills today which will secure them the 1 seed.

2. Baltimore Ravens — The Ravens will make the game more interesting than it should but they will come out with a close win to clinch the 2 seed and the North.

3. Houston Texans — The Texans will have the 3 seed win or lose. If they had Matt Schaub still, I would say they could make a run, but instead they will get knocked out first round.

4. Denver Broncos — The Broncos have lost 2 straight. But I think Tebow will come through today to beat the Chiefs and clinch the West.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers — The Steelers will win today, but the Ravens have the tiebreaker. Steelers have a chance to go back to the Super Bowl as long as Big Ben stays healthy.

6. Oakland Raiders — The Raiders will be back in the playoffs! Too bad Al Davis isn’t here to see it.


1. Green Bay Packers — Packers have already clinched the 1 seed and will sadly finish with 1 loss.

2. San Francisco 49ers — They will beat the Rams and have the 2 seed. Alex Smith has redeemed himself (at least for now) as not being a total bust.

3. New Orleans Saints — They will have the 3 seed and I can see them coming out as the NFC Champion.

4. New York Giants — The Giants are at home and Tony Romo is hurt. Giants win easy.

5. Detroit Lions — The Lions have clinched their first playoff spot since 1999!

6.Atlanta Falcons — They barely made the playoffs. They havn’t lived up to expectations in Matt Ryan’s 4th year.