Plenty of fireworks in today’s “Ask Drew”

July 06, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The #1 rated “ask a question” blog in the entire Mid-Atlantic sports blog community, “Ask Drew” returns for a Monday sitting at

If you’ve played before, you know how to get the job done.  You just ask a question.

If you haven’t played before, you only need minimal practice to be really good at this game.  Just ask a question and I’ll answer it.  If your question doesn’t get answered, that generally means I either somehow overlooked it (rarely) or it was dumb (depends on who it is…I have my “regulars”) or it was a rambling sentence or two that didn’t really include a question.

If you ask a legitimate question, it gets answered.

I’ll be giving away a free oil change at All Tune and Lube on Reisterstown Rd. to one of you.  I throw all the names in a hat (of those who get a question answered) and draw a name during Tuesday’s show.  If your question gets posted, you’re IN the drawing.

OK, start asking.

I’m here to answer.