Poll: A.L. All-Star Snubs

July 08, 2008 |

Just like any other year, there are bound to be players who deserve to play in the mid-summer classic but do not get in. This is usually due to the fan vote, but the managers of the All-Star teams also frequently overlook pitchers.

Before I get into snubs, I can tell you right off the bat who should not be in the All-Star game: Jason Varitek and David Ortiz.

How the hell did Jason Varitek, who’s hitting a blistering .215, get into the All-Star game? What are the players thinking?

David Ortiz, who has been injured for quite some time now, was only hitting .252 when he was healthy.

Why did this happen? The answer is pretty obvious. This is Red Sox nation at it’s sparkling best (or should I say worst)…again. And they’re ruining the All-Star game by voting in players like David Ortiz in the mid-summer classic.

Unbelievable…Red Sox nation should be ashamed of themselves. The fan vote, which, in theory, is a good idea, needs to be thrown away because of incidents like this.

My biggest snub on the American League team is Mike Mussina.

Stat line: 11-6, 3.64 ERA, and 1.21 WHIP. He also has an impressive strikeout:walk ratio (63:16).

Who is your AL All-Star snub?