Poll: Popping pads in training camp…good or bad?

August 01, 2008 |

Over the past few weeks, as expected, there have been many comparisons to Coach Harbaugh’s hard-nosed style of training camp vs. Coach Billick’s more laid-back method. Some people like to call Billick’s camp “Camp Creampuff.”

Personally, I never understood why. Almost everyday I was out at training camp last season the team was in full pads, going “live” as Billick called it. But, at Harbaugh’s camp, while the hits may not be exponentially more violent, players certainly seem to collide more frequently.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this is football. Even in a “Camp Creampuff” setting, someone can roll up on someone elses leg in a drill. Someone could tear an ACL trying to make a quick cut or pivot. Billick had his fair share of injuries during camp too.

So the poll question today is: which style of training camp do you prefer for your team?

There are pros and cons to both sides.

More frequent hitting helps players get in better “game shape” and helps keep them mentally sharp. It’s a good way to prepare for game situations. But there’s always the prospect of big injuries to big names.

The “creampuff” method, which is a more appropriate tag for Mike Shanahan’s camp than Billick’s (according to Trevor Pryce), is aimed to keep players in the playbook and out of the training room. But hitting the sled is much different than hitting another NFL player. According to Pryce, in Denver, they “went live” only once a week for a short period of time.

Personally, I think Harbaugh’s camp is the better option because every team has to deal with injuries…its part of football. And injuries happen at “creampuff” camps too. 

After listening to the station for the past few days, it seems like many people agree with me on this topic. But I wonder how many of those people would change their minds if Todd Heap gets a concussion today?

Your thoughts…