Poll: Which Raven Gets Your Game Ball? – Week 1

September 08, 2008 |

In my post-game blog yesterday, I gave Ray Lewis my game ball.

Like Flacco, it wasn’t his stat line that impressed me.

It was the timing of his tackles that halted drives, the fact that he was involved with stuffing Chris Perry on that pivotal 4th and 1 play, and how he ripped that ball out of Perry’s arms which set up a Matt Stover field goal. And it SHOULD have led to Joe Flacco’s first touchdown pass if Todd Heap could hang on to the ball.

But there’s really no wrong answer here. You could make strong arguments for McClain, McAlister, Flacco, Jarret Johnson, the Ravens offensive line…

You could also make a strong argument for Samari Rolle. Your probably thinking to yourself that you didn’t hear his name being called that much yesterday, and that’s exactly why he should get some consideration.

Let me explain…

As a DB covering Houshmandzadeh and Ocho Stinko, being absent from the stat sheet is pretty impressive. That means Carson Palmer couldn’t throw the ball Rolle’s way because of outstanding pass coverage.

So I chose Ray Lewis.

If you had a game ball to give out, who would you give it to?