Pre Season Predictions, Post Season Results

January 06, 2010 | Marty Mossa

          At the beginning of the season, I made my picks for the post season.  Let’s see how I did. 

In September I wrote “the Ravens should finish at least at 10-6 and qualify as a wild card team, and the Steelers were going to win the division.”  Although I got the record wrong, the Ravens did make the playoffs.  I can’t take credit for this pick because I wrote the Purple Birds off when they were 4-4 at midseason.  My bad!  I was wrong about the AFC Division winner as well.  I was never happier to be wrong.  The Bengals won the North and the Steelers won the right to play a couple rounds of golf this weekend.

Here were the rest of my predictions and results:

AFC East:  New England Division winner/ Miami wild card   NE won the East, but Miami lost their last three games and will join the Steelers on the golf course.

AFC South: Colts Division Winner (Don’t care how sexy a pick Houston is, I would never bet against Peyton) Colts won division; Houston went the farthest in team history before being eliminated Sunday night.  The Jets were given two “charity” games from teams not motivated to play.  We’ll see how well they’ll play in Cincinnati on Saturday.

 AFC West: San Diego Division Winner by default.  I’m not sold on them, but look at the division (Pop-Warner like) The Chargers came storming back to take the division after Denver lost 8 of their last 10 games.  They have a bye and will be a tough opponent in the AFC.

NFC East: Eagles Division Winners/Giants Wild card Cowboys won division, Eagles are wildcard.  The New York Giants didn’t show up this year.  Will Tom Coughlin be back? 

NFC North: Packers Division Winners/Vikings-Favre will fall apart(hopefully the Ravens can give him his gold watch)  The Vikes won division, and Packers take wildcard.  Favre destroyed the Pack in both meetings.  I would love to see these two teams meet again and see Green Bay win in the Humphrey Dome.

NFC South: Panthers Division Winners (Jake has something prove after embarrassing playoff  lose)/Falcons Wild card.  Well I totally got this one wrong.  Neither Carolina nor Atlanta showed up this year.  The Saints totally dominated until week 14. 

NFC West: Cardinals Division Winners by default (another Pop Warner division) What can I say, what sorry division.

In the final analysis, I was correct on eight of the twelve teams with extended seasons.  As crazy of a season it’s been, I won’t even try to guess what will happen this weekend and beyond.  In two words:  GO RAVENS!