Prince Fielder …. And The MEAT Of The Issue

February 24, 2008 |

Why screw with a good thing ??? That’s what I would ask Prince Fielder ….. when it comes to his new-found dietary desires.

As of a few days ago, the Milwaukee Brewers first baseman ….. and defending National League Homerun Champion decided to void MEAT from his diet. That’s right, Prince Fielder has become a full-fledged vegetarian.

This has gotta be the first bit of great news as Gord Ash and Ned Yost greet the 2008 season. NOT. The very notion that a power-hitting athlete will now depend upon a diet absent of natural proteins, and essential minerals/vitamins is ridiculous.

According to published reports, Fielder was swayed to a “new beginning” and vegetarian lifestyle, after reading the book “Skinny Bitch – In The Kitch,” which was given to him by his wife, Chanel. Nice title, huh?

I could go in so many different directions with this blog, but I’ll start with making a simple plea to Mrs. Fielder ….. be careful what you wish for !!!! Regardless of the perceived benefits of a meat-less diet, informed and educated skeptics are going admonish Prince Fielder’s “life changing” decision as a transgression of monumental proportions. Let his power numbers dip ….. and there will be a steady line of unsolicited carry-out, meat-laden, deliveries to Fielder’s house – courtesy of the local fan base.

There are noted benefits of a vegetarian based diet. However, these “success stories” are commonly rooted in the lives of ordinary people. Say what you will, Prince Fielder and other professional athletes of his ilk, are anything but “ordinary.”

Fielder stands at average height (6 feet) ….. however, he tips the scales at 260 pounds. He’s a brutally strong individual, possessing many inherent abilities from his father. That said, his body is bound to depend on a caloric intake substantially different than that enjoyed by the common dude. Throw in a balance of proteins and vitamins, as stated above, and it’s easy to see Fielder is screwing with nature.

This is not the time to boast about modern technological advances in supplemental dieting, either. Professional athletes are already dependant upon supplements. To suggest Fielder will now fuel his body with vital amino acids, iron and crucial proteins, from a primary dependence on man-made supplemental substances is taxing and hair brained.

Although, vegetables and grains are important cogs in the dietary table, they cannot fill a void left by the absence of meat. To think a pro athlete or anyone who relies on maximum physical performance from the human body can do it without meat, is just crazy-talk. It’s just a bad decision ….. and it’s based on quirky, unfounded circumstances.

Fielder is not changing his dietary habits in an effort to lose weight, trim unwanted mass, add muscle, alleviate any strain on the heart and related organs ….. or for any other lifeline cause. He’s cutting meat from his diet, because in reading a book he found the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses to be cruel. Ya think ???

Animals bred to feed people are not pets. And, I’ve never had a notion that they were. I’ve also never depended upon a book or guide to inform me of this phenomenon. We eat chickens, cows, pigs and other “yummy creatures, ” because our bodies demand their nutritional benefits. I don’t know how animals are treated before meeting their demise ….. and I don’t care.

I’m a carnivore. I’ve got a couple “fang-looking” teeth (canine bicuspids – my wife works for a dentist) in my upper jaw tract. They’re there for a reason !!!! Regardless of how livestock meets it’s demise will not affect the reality that I’ve gotta eat flesh. This really is elementary.

I proposed this question to myself, prior to writing this blog …..

“If Prince Fielder struggles in performance and suffers a notable decrease in power and production, will he abandon this vegetarian lifestyle?”

Although, I don’t know the guy, I’d be willing to bet that he would. He’s embracing abstinence for the wrong reasons. Let him suffer a weeklong homer-less drought, in the Cactus League, and he’ll beeline for the nearest hot dog stand !!!! Right ???

Prince Fielder hasn’t cashed in on his early career success, yet. Let him lumber through a 20-homer season, and Chanel will dig deep in her book collection to find something that portrays a steer’s life as one “fun filled day after another” ….. getting that pampered treatment, through a long life, that eventually leads to a humane passing – due to natural causes or “old age,” of course.

To be blunt, we know this won’t last. If he’s honest about it, I’d bet Fielder won’t make it out of Arizona without succumbing to the delicious delight of MEAT. And, if he does stick with his newly found diet ….. he may just live up to the title of the book !!!!