Print Media Hurting hits Baltimore and More

May 01, 2009 |

Some random thoughts on The Sun, Terps, Ravens, and Orioles for tonight’s blog.

The situation at the Baltimore Sun is very sad but not unexpected. One third of the news staff cut in an instant. The economy is leaving no business untouched. I enjoyed reading David Steele and Rick Maese’s columns and Ray Frager’s blog. I didn’t always agree with their points of view but I still enjoyed reading their work. Time and technology has passed by the print media.  I am one of the millions of people who are killing newspapers nationally. I read the Sun online daily. I only buy the Sunday Sun for $1.00 from the guy standing on the corner.  Why pay for the news when you can read it for free. I get most of my news from the Internet and radio. I do have a subscription for the Carroll Co. Times. I pay for Sunday and get the rest of the week for free.  

I’m not sure what has gotten into Gary Williams lately but he seems to be taking the other half of his job more seriously. He has pulled a 180 and become a recruiting machine. The intensity of his recruiting efforts matches that of his coaching. Gary has restored my faith in his willingness to do what needs to be done to return the Terps to the top 10. He has secured verbal commitments for the future back court from PG Terrell Stoglin and SG Terrence Ross. Let me be the first to claim they coined the nickname TNT. I haven’t seen it out there yet. The recruiting class of 2010 is off to a fantastic start.

 With the departure of Braxton Dupree and Steve Goins the Terps have 2 additional scholarships to give out for 2009. As reported on WNST during the Terrapin Times Report on Tuesday, DeShawn Painter will be visiting Maryland next week. Here’s hoping Gary can work some more magic.  If he commits it would take the roster back to 10 players for 2009. The roster could take another hit if Greivis Vasquez gets drafted or goes to Europe. Best case scenario is we get Painter and Greivis returns. We could save the extra scholarship for 2010. If we lose either or both Gary will be scouring the JUCO ranks for a player or two. It’s awfully late to try to get in on someone of quality, so late in the process. The Terps cannot go into the season with only 9 scholarship players

We all said we wanted the Ravens to add a fast WR. The Raven signed 2 undrafted WR. Former Terp Isaiah Williams, who ran a 4.38 forty at his pro day but only had 10 receptions has a world of talent but never fulfilled his potential in college. They also signed a Dukee, Eron Riley who ran a 4.36 and had 61 receptions last year. Both are 6-3 and weigh over 200 lbs. Duke has never been a football powerhouse so he flew under the radar.   I think Riley has a chance to stick on the roster.

Here’s hoping the NFL and the NFLPA get cracking on a new collective bargaining agreement. There is no way the owners will allow the uncapped year to happen.  If there is an agreement, the Ravens will have $16 million in dead cap money from this year that will be available in 2010. We can extend key players and to go after UFA.

The Orioles have looked bad the past 2 weeks. They’ve lost 11 of 14 and haven’t played well. The natives are getting restless and are starting to call for Matt Wieters to be called up. He needs to stay down at Norfolk. He has 50 AB at AAA and is only hitting .260. Let him learn and grow down on the farm. We’re going nowhere this year and his time isn’t now. 2010 and beyond will be his time to take flight.